Precision Turning

Advanced CNC Lathes Processing

Our turning expertise is unmatched in the industry due to our wide adjustment range and high precision machining using CNC lathes. By ensuring strict standards are met during production, we minimize customer wait times and reduce the potential for costly errors.

With our cutting-edge lathe technology, we can handle parts weighing up to 50,000kg and 2500mm in diameter. Our team of certified highly skilled technicians strive to limit errors to an accuracy of just 0.01mm. Trust us to deliver advanced turning capabilities that set us apart from the competition.


Turning Capacity

Manufacturing Process Gear Type Accuracy Roughness Module Max. diameter
Gear Hobbing machine ALL ISO6 Ra1.6 0.2~30 2500mm
Gear Milling machine ALL ISO8 Ra3.2 1~20 2500mm
Gear Grinding machine Cylindrical Gear ISO5 Ra0.8 1~30 2500mm
Bevel Gear ISO5 Ra0.8 1~20 1600mm